In 2004 I drew a series of sculptural projects with a three-dimensional computer program.
Three of them have been realized in varnished steel in 2005 and have then been shown at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo.


Gitterkasten, 2005, steel 

Windfahne,2005, steel 

Futterkrippe,2005, steel 

Landmaschine, project 

Waschbecken 2, project 

Waschbecken, project 

Wahlurne, project 

Rohrsystem 2, project 

Rohrsystem, project 

Radiator, project 

Tempel, prject 

Luftkassa, project 

Horch, project 

Heizsystem, project 

Heizanlage, project 

Füssler, project 

Brauerei, project 

Gehege, project 

Baukonstruktion, project 

Anenne, project